Ways of the Monster Nation Vol. 5


Title: This Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Ways of the Monster Nation Flight. 5
Author: Sho Okagiri (Adaptation), FUSE (Original Story), Mitz Vah (Character Art)
Editor: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Brooch
Pages: 150
Kind: Isekai, Fantasy
Publication date: December 14, 2021

The story

Most of Volume Five centers around Framea wanting to expand her guide to also cover things to do for Nobles and Women. When Veldora and Ramiris hear of this, they take her on an expensive tour of noble life, renting an entire castle, an entire hot spring, buying expensive outfits, and even going on a parade! Sure, they end up being scolded when they return, but this unique opening chapter leads into something a little bigger.

Their show business has reached the ears of other smaller nations. A group of nations gathered merchants and they traveled to Tempest in an attempt to strike some sort of partnership to help advance the lands. They meet Framea and try different hilarious methods to try and knock her out…all so they can meet Rimuru, which they don’t know about yet.

Rimuru eventually hears about them and meets them in person. His identity as a demon lord ends up being reversed and the merchants’ tones change in no time. Negotiations begin but Rimuru wishes to start things a little slower so that everything goes well in the end.


I really liked how Veldora and Ramiris went crazy with high society life regardless of Rimuru’s credit limit. Then again, how does an isekai’s one and only credit card even have a credit limit? How does he even have a bank! ?

It’s nice that Framea wants to expand the guide a bit, which shows her thoughtfulness but she’s a bit overconfident…even though she really looked like she was directing the merchants all the time. Even though they were making obvious advances to her, she accepted their invitations to their lands simply because she selfishly wanted to travel and see more places. Beneath the smile hides a slightly mischievous woman!

Last word

I liked the continuity in the volume even though there were also some smaller filler chapters… like the one where a “secret meeting” under the city turned out to be a group of people standing and drooling in the photos taken of Shuna and Shion since they went to the beach in the last volume. Even though it wasn’t as in-depth as the merchant’s story, it was still nice to see a connection to another previous unique chapter!

The lightness of this series continues to entertain! The volume was a bit short (Amazon lists it at 194 pages but it’s more like 150) but the entertainment value was still high. As I said in a previous review, most spin-off series are just fluff and while this one could be said to be pretty much the same, it has a high entertainment value that places it a cut above all the others we usually see!

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