Want to travel more in 2022? 3 movements to do


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Prepare to pack and explore.

Key points

  • Almost a quarter of Americans have decided to travel more in 2022.
  • Increasing your income and using credit cards strategically could help you achieve this goal.

Many people reduced their trips in 2020 due to the pandemic. And while things improved in 2021, some would-be travelers continued to cut spending due to health concerns or financial constraints. But come 2022, 24% of Americans want to travel more, according to a recent Bank of America poll. If you have a similar goal, here are some key steps to take.

1. Research your trips in advance

The cost of travel a few years ago may not mimic the cost of today. Not only could you pay more for a flight or a hotel, but COVID-19 testing requirements could put you in the face of higher personal expenses.

If you know you want to take a bunch of trips in 2022, start pricing various trips early in the year so you know what costs to anticipate. That said, the rules around COVID can change quickly, so when budgeting for travel, be sure to allow for some flexibility.

2. Increase your income with a side concert

Even if you are the type of traveler who travels sparingly, meaning traveling economy class and staying in basic hotels instead of luxury ones, you could still end up spending a lot on your trips. So having some extra cash in your bank account probably wouldn’t hurt.

This is where the hustle and bustle on the right side can come in handy. If you land a second job, you will have the opportunity to increase your income significantly. And since that extra money won’t be allocated to existing bills, you can use it to fund the trips you’ve planned.

3. Apply for the right credit cards

There are a number of ways that good credit cards could make travel more affordable. First of all, if you get a new credit card with a signup bonus, you can get a lump sum of cash for purchases you had previously planned to make.

For example, you may come across a cash back offer of $ 250 for a spend of $ 1,500 within three months of opening a given card. If you normally charge at least $ 500 per month, this shouldn’t be a hard bonus to claim. If you’re interested in this idea, take a look at some of our favorite signup bonus credit cards.

Additionally, if you are able to capitalize on generous rewards programs, you can score points or cash back which can be applied to your trips. Some credit cards, for example, offer additional cash back on gasoline. If you tend to fuel up, you can bank that rebate and apply it to a trip.

Applying for a travel rewards credit card is also beneficial if you think you will be venturing a lot in 2022. Many travel rewards cards offer perks such as free checked baggage when you board a plane. And some make it easier to accumulate hotel points or airline miles so that you have a better chance of earning free accommodation or flights.

Traveling more in 2022 is not only a popular goal, but also fun. And if you’ve been keeping a low profile on the travel front for the past couple of years, you might be particularly eager to get out there and discover new places. We’re not sure what travel has in store for us in 2022 due to the ever-evolving pandemic. But the more logistically and financially you prepare, the more likely you are to be able to reach the top destinations on your list.

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