The all-in-one business phone app, Yobi, integrates the Zendesk support channel for optimal performance


“Integrate Yobi with Zendesk!!! Improve your workflow and DELIVER EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE”

Yobi, the communication platform & Work phone App, has integrated Zendesk Support Channel to enable businesses to achieve compelling levels of performance through automated workflows. With this integration, Zendesk Support will help manage the communication process between users, effectively connecting business owners to their customers through all available communication channels.

Anxious to improve customer engagement, Yobi strives to ensure customers and small business owners get the most valuable business experiences, creating a strong customer lifecycle. Establishing additional value for the experience, users of the Yobi/Zendesk integration will be able to initiate conversations, perform tasks, negotiate, and manage all their business transactions seamlessly. An automated workflow will ensure this as every task created in Yobi is automatically synced with tickets from Zendesk. Once these tasks are synchronized, users will have access to all information on both platforms, which will prevent business owners from missing customer requests or important messages (conversations).

As a business phone app and chat platform, Yobi is a safe hub for small business owners who are tired of jumping from one platform to another to follow their customers’ messages via multiple channels. Yobi solves all of this by bringing customer conversations over phone, text, instant messaging and social media to one platform. Yobi App integrates all online business channels including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook into one space. A big advantage for businesses is that teammates sharing the same Yobi account as “users” can coordinate and monitor responses from all platforms. Yobi accounts can be connected from all platforms: iOS, Andriod, Windows, macOS, on the web to efficiently manage team tasks and chats, delivering exceptional quality. customer service services.

Dedicated work pays off sooner; Yobi has been well reviewed by business owners who have tried and trusted its features. They testified in favor of its impact on their ROI. According to Dr. Zuckerberg, “The average dental practice I spoke with spends between $250 and $350/month on phone bills, including equipment rental, can even increase for larger practices. With Yobi, you can reduce your phone bill to around $30 while keeping your existing number(s).

In the words of Wealth Builder, “I love this platform because from one dashboard you can navigate through all your calls, text messages, voicemails and social media posts. no massive CSV import of contacts via laptop, but I spoke to the team behind Yobi connect and they told me to send us your contacts which we will import into your dashboard. , you can do a bulk import. I will be giving 100% b/c today via text, and voicemail is not available without a credit limit. And hopefully as we go further, the platform will have more features.

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