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A woman is currently engaged and is getting married in a few days (20, to be exact), and she suddenly discovered a big secret that her fiancé was hiding from her.

She eventually discovered this secret when she discovered an email stating that her fiancé’s credit card had been declined.

She saw this email while her fiancé was in the bathroom, so she decided to open this email and investigate.

The email said his credit card limit was $9,000 on that card and he had already reached the limit.

She looked at the number, thinking it was a big debt accumulated on a single credit card.

She knew she had to investigate further, so she did. “I tried to figure out how to find more information and today one of his credit card statements came in the mail,” she explained.

It was for another credit card, and it said on that statement that he was over the $23,000 limit on that card.

“I just did a credit report on him and found he had about $100,000 in credit card debt,” she said.

“…I had no idea it was so bad. There is literally no explanation for this amount of debt. He also has a personal loan which I assume he used to pay off another credit card somewhere.

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