Program helps veterans get credit counseling to avoid homelessness


According to government data, veterans are fifty percent more likely to become homeless than other Americans. That’s why two nonprofits are working together to get them back on their feet and into homes.

Many veterans are struggling to find jobs and now 40 years of high inflation and rising rents put many people at risk of homelessness.

“He has to have a big backyard. He has to have a big kitchen and the bedrooms have to be spacious,” said Army veteran Gwenelyn Cook.

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Cook dreams of buying his first house. A dream that has not always seemed possible.

“I had a lot of financial problems. I recently went through another financial challenge, being almost homeless in July, between jobs,” she said.

Many veterans face financial hardship or even homelessness after they transition from military life, where housing, meals, health insurance and even clothing are provided, to civilian life. Many have been struggling with high inflation for 40 years or finding good jobs.

“A lot of our veterans are on a fixed income. They get a disability check, Social Security,” said David Ramirez of Soldier On.

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A partnership between nonprofits Money Management International and Soldier On helps veterans find housing, resources, and offers a kind of financial education boot camp.

“Maybe they have outstanding collections that they need to settle. The majority of them don’t have active credit, which means there’s no credit. They don’t have anything. open or active,” added credit counselor Mark McBride of Money Management International.

“We look at their entire credit report. We really work with them to come up with a realistic plan, so they don’t have to live from paycheck to paycheck,” Ramirez said.

“And not just having a house to rent, or a future purchase, but seeing their credit improve,” McBride said.

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McBride helps Cook with credit counseling to fulfill his dream of buying his first home next year.

“I’m still going to find my home, a total sense of security, and I’m almost there,” she laughs.

Veterans can contact Soldier On or Money Management International for assistance if they are having trouble making the transition.

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