Men’s Hoops supporters gather at Desert Financial Arena – One Goes Home with $5,000!


On June 23, the Desert Financial Arena hosted Sun Devil men’s basketball ticket holders, and one of them, Norma Joiner, walked away with a check for $5,000. courtesy of ASU partner, Desert Financial Credit Union after a fun and relaxed summer evening.

It was a solid evening for all and a reminder of the fun that will happen again. The program averaged nearly 8,000 fans per game in 2021-22, second-best in the Pac-12, and knows it can return to the pre-COVID days when it set school ratings with action high flight.

Fans know good fun has happened and will happen. Again.

“My family of four renewed our ASU basketball memberships because the games are an exciting and easy way to spend time together outside of the home. My wife and I are ASU graduates , and we love to stay involved in any way we can to relive old memories and create new ones with our kids,” says Shane Miller. “We have football season tickets, but the convenience of parking, the ease of access and reasonable playing times make ASU Hoops one of our favorite events. Seeing Sparky and getting the chance to high five her almost every game is an added bonus. I was a big fan of Bobby Hurley since arriving in Tempe. I love his enthusiasm, which has spread to the Sun Devil Nation and led to our family’s subscription renewals. Even my 4 and 6 year olds recognize it. I could sense his enthusiasm for the upcoming season when he addressed season ticket holders last Thursday. The Desert Financial Arena Season Pass Holders Reunion was one of the most exciting ASU events my family has attended. To go backstage in the arena, take a half court (and hit the back edge), hear Coach Hurley and staff, and watch my two kids shoot hoops on the real court from ASU – we had so much fun we’re still talking about the night. I even sent a video of me hitting a 3-pointer to my former ASU roommate (who tried to step on it in the early 2000s). Bringing together other passionate ASU fans like this gives us a greater sense of the Sun Devil community, which was evident in everyone’s smiles as we left the arena.”

“We’ve been going to basketball games since our sons were little. Our boys grew up cheering on the Sun Devils. It’s become a family tradition,” says Laura Sosnowitz, another Sun Devils subscriber. “We love Bobby’s Hurley’s energy and passion for the game and its players. We are confident in his ability to make ASU a top program. It was a fun family time to attend the recent event of ASU basketball. It was great to hear the latest updates on Bobby’s team, as well as meeting the new women’s basketball coaching staff.”

“We decided to renew because win or lose, we love watching the basketball team compete,” says Kelvin Wong. “It’s exciting to see what Coach Hurley is building here. It also helps that Coach Hurley’s teams have generally been quick and energetic. He’s recruiting well and more recently he’s had some good transfers, so that makes things exciting when we can. to compete on the recruiting front. It certainly builds anticipation for the upcoming season when we know we have the talent to compete. Perhaps most importantly, I think the Coach Hurley loves being at ASU and wants to build something here, and it shows in his passion on the field and his authenticity to the fans, it definitely helps me as a fan to lend my support to the program.

Kelvin Wong Family (Basketball STH)

“I thought the event was really fun. It was nice to have a special event for season ticket holders and my highlight was being able to shoot in the field with my toddler son. was also nice that it wasn’t too crowded, and we appreciated that Coach Hurley hung out there before and after the event instead of just coming in at 6:30 to give his speech and then leaving Having Kyle Dodd there as an MC was also entertaining.

Everyone knows that the 2020-21 season has hit the Sun Devil program hard in terms of momentum. Along with a canceled third consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance in 2020 — which would have been a first for the program since the early 1960s — the Sun Devil had turned the corner in attendance.

Desert Financial Arena averaged 10,140 fans over the previous three years starting in the 2017-18 season, with 496,872 fans attending 49 Sun Devil home games as ASU posted a 39-10 record . Over the previous three seasons in 51 home games, ASU averaged 6,087 fans (310,459).

Last year nearly 8,000 fans per game returned to games as COVID was still a concern, but there seemed to be a big buzz in the building, especially for the thrilling triple overtime win over UCLA No. 3 in February.

Check out some numbers for attendance at the Desert Financial Arena, which is entering its 49th year in 2022-23, plus some recent Sun Devils notes and nuggets.

7,973: ASU finished second in the Pac-12 in average attendance in 2021-22 with nearly 8,000 fans per game.

14,731: Nearly 15,000 fans crammed into Desert Financial Arena for Arizona’s 2020 game.

180,251: As ASU reached third place in the Associated Press poll, more than 180,000 fans turned out for all 17 home games in 2017-18.

616 468: Over the past four years, that’s how many fans have entered the Desert Financial Arena to cheer on the Sun Devils.

ABOUT FEB. 5 2022: ASU outscored No. 3 UCLA 87-84 in triple overtime on Feb. 5 and now has eight wins over the AP’s top three teams in their history, including four in the past 41 years (1981- 92 to present). Two of them were by a team coached by Bobby against Kansas and then UCLA’s victory. Random note: Bill Walton was the color commentator for all of them for the past 41 years.

ASU 87, #3 UCLA 84 3 OT (February 5, 2022)/Bobby Hurley
#18 ASU 80, #1 Kansas 76 (December 22, 2018) /Bobby Hurley
#16 ASU 95, at #2 Kansas 85 (December 10, 2017) /Bobby Hurley
ASU 69, #2 Arizona 66 (2 OT) (Feb. 14, 2014) / Herb Sendek
#5 ASU 87, #1 Oregon State 67 (Mar. 7, 1981) / Ned Wulk
ASU 95, #3 USC 78 (December 1, 1971)/Ned Wulk
ASU 68, @ #2 USC (December 12, 1970) / Ned Wulk
ASU 89, #3 Michigan 87 (December 27, 1965 at Portland Far West Classic / Ned Wulk

THE BEST IN NEARLY TWO DECADES: ASU’s 81-57 ​​win over Oregon (February 17) and 73-53 win over Oregon State (February 19) marked his first consecutive 20-point Pac- 12 for the first time since January 2003, when it beat Washington by 32 (January 9) and Washington State by 41 (January 11).

DOUBLE SOLIDS: Bobby Hurley led ASU to a few notable non-conference wins at ASU including NC State, Creighton (twice), Texas A&M, UNLV (twice), Stephen F. Austin, Kansas State, Xavier, St. John’s ( twice the NCAA Tournament victory), San Diego State (twice), Kansas (twice home and away), Vanderbilt and Georgia (home and away).

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