‘Love is Blind’ Season 2: Fans Troll Trisha for Obsession With Her Instagram Following


For many aspiring social media influencers, a stint on a reality show can pretty much be life changing and it seems that’s what Trisha Frame, 30, thought when she decided to join the cast of ‘Love is Blind’ Season 2′.

The Chicago-based real estate broker entered the hit blind dating show hoping to see a “change in herself.” The Netflix show prides itself on removing all distractions such as looks and status from the love-finding equation, and instead focuses solely on emotional connections. Ahead of her big debut, Trisha said, “I talk too much, I hope it doesn’t piss off my partner,” so fans were curious to see how her journey would unfold on the show.


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Unfortunately for Trisha, instead of becoming a fan-favorite star of the show, she ended up becoming the punching bag of the season. Fans were put off by the way she behaved on the show. From constantly mentioning her massive Instagram following to claiming that all the guys are hitting on her, Trisha has managed to rub off on fans the wrong way. Despite her obsession with herself, she found herself drawn to Nick Thompson. When she later learned that Nick was interested in Danielle Ruhl, Trisha was unfazed. She was convinced that Nick would choose her and propose to her because of her appearance.

Trisha not only managed to impress Nick but also the fans. Several fans took to Twitter to poke fun at Trisha’s obsession with her Instagram followers. One fan tweeted, “Is that Trisha? I swear all these ‘friends’ think she has no friends, especially since she says they’re all her Instagram followers and that she’s full of herself.” Lots of guys like me.” Do they ?? #LoveIsBlind.” Another fan wrote, “Dying that @LoveisBlindShow didn’t tag Trisha in any pics and unfollow her on IG. I get the feeling they don’t want to be one of his “many” Instagram friends? ! #Love is blind.” “Trisha is the MOST insufferable person I’ve ever seen on TV. I hope she will be rejected so harshly. #LoveIsBlind,” one fan commented.

Trisha on “Love is Blind” Season 2 (Netflix)

Another fan said, “Trisha’s face card doesn’t have the credit limit her personality charges if you understand my #LoveIsBlind drift.” “Trisha is 30 but she still acts like a mean high school girl #LoveIsBlind,” one fan observed. “Trisha is my worst nightmare. #LoveIsBlind,” said one fan. “It took all my strength not to fast forward into the role of Trisha in Episode 1. I want to blame the editing, but she actually said everything she said. She doesn’t need to reappear #LoveIsBlind, a fan shared.

After the premiere of the Netflix dating show, it looks like Trisha deleted her Instagram account.

Season 2 of “Love is Blind” is available to stream on Netflix.

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