Financial education company Limitless Culture Group is on track to release the most advanced do-it-yourself credit management kit


GREENSBORO, NC /ACCESSWIRE/November 21, 2022/ Financial education and credit management firm Unlimited Cultivation Group (Limitless Culture) is pleased to announce that they are well on their way to releasing their do-it-yourself credit management kit. The company will release the new kit on Black Friday, November 25, 2022, ahead of the holiday season. This will allow more people to start their journey to financial health in time for the new year.

The DIY kit is a less expensive alternative to the full-service credit management program offered by Limitless Culture. This new product still offers the same support and in-depth knowledge of the credit industry in the complete package, with only a few additional tasks that the customer must perform themselves. This includes data entry and shipment tracking. The kit has three main steps. First, the built-in artificial intelligence technology will analyze the customer’s credit reports to generate documents tailored to their exact financial situation. Second, the materials are sent to the customer, ready to use. And third, the client sends the documents to the appropriate parties to begin the journey to financial health and good credit management.

Limitless Culture Group CEO Mike Meza is excited about his company’s new offering: “The future of credit management is here! We want credit and financial health to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve created a two-level system of pricing to help people achieve these goals. We don’t want a budget to keep them from achieving their dreams.”


Founded in 2019, Limitless Culture Groups core mission is to be “Better Than the Best”. The company realizes that many people haven’t learned how to use credit wisely, so they focus on education first, building a knowledge base before taking action. They want you to have the last credit information and get to know your personal history before making a plan. At Limitless Culture, their vision is to help create a more equitable world with their customers and partners. They do this by leveraging their social media influence and presence to benefit people, communities and their industry. The first step in this journey is an individual and comprehensive analysis of the client’s financial and credit history. They then use this information to develop an action plan using their experts’ years of experience in the industry.

Are you a mortgage, real estate, tax or attorney professional? Then you can partner with the company to help your customers manage their credit situation. Refer your clients with credit difficulties to the Culture Unlimited group, who will work to help them manage their credit profile. Limitless Culture will always send them back to you for your services and you can track your client’s progress in the client login portal. When your client logs into our web portal, the first thing they see is your photo and contact information as a reminder of their goal and the professional who referred them to Limitless Culture Group.

Check out their social media channels for more information on building better financial and credit health. ICT Tac, Facebook, instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitterand pinterest.

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