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The table below presents a summary of the latest statistics on financial aggregates.

Financial aggregates

Percentage change

Monthly End of the year
February 2022 March 2022 March 2021 March 2022
Total Credit 0.6 0.4 1.0 7.8
– Lodging 0.6 0.6 4.1 7.9
– Staff 0.0 −0.2 −10.8 −3.3
Business 0.8 0.3 −2.6 9.4
Broad Money 0.3 0.8 9.7 9.5

Sources: ABS; ARPA; RBA

All the growth rates of the financial aggregates are corrected for seasonal variations and corrected for the effects of breaks in the series. Data on financial aggregate levels are not corrected for breaks in series and growth rates should not be calculated from data on credit levels. Historical levels and growth rates of financial aggregates have been revised due to the resubmission of data by some financial intermediaries, the re-estimation of seasonal factors and the integration of securitization data. The RBA credit aggregates measure the credit provided by financial institutions operating at the national level. They do not take into account cross-border or non-intermediated loans.

Of note this month, homeowner and investor credits were revised more than usual due to the resubmission of data and the re-estimation of seasonal factors. This affected the growth of credit to homeowners and investors in the RBA’s D1 statistical table and the levels of these credit stocks in the RBA’s D2 statistical table. Aggregate real estate credit, which includes both homeowner credit and investor credit, was not affected by these revisions.

Since the July 2019 release, the financial aggregates incorporate an improved conceptual framework and new data collection. This is called the collection of economic and financial statistics (EFS). For more information, see Updates to Australian financial aggregates and July 2019 financial aggregates.

Financial aggregate data is available in the following tables:

Growth of certain financial aggregates – D1
Loan and credit aggregates – D2
Monetary aggregates – D3

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