Can you split payments on Amazon?


You can pay for products on Amazon using most debit cards, credit cards, prepaid gift cards, and other options. However, if you were hoping to use two cards at the same time to make a big purchase, you’re out of luck. This could be a problem if your credit card limit isn’t high enough or if you’re planning to buy something with a friend or roommate. There is, however, a simple workaround. Here’s how to split payments on Amazon.

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Can you split payments on Amazon? Yes, but with a workaround. You cannot use two cards to split payments. You can only do this using a credit, debit or prepaid card and your gift card balance. Ask your friend to send you a gift card or use the Amazon Reload to add money to your gift card balance. Use the balance and your card to split the payment.

How to Split Payments on Amazon

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You can only split a payment on Amazon using a credit, debit, or prepaid card and an Amazon gift card. If you’re shopping with a friend or roommate, ask them to send you a gift card for the amount you need.

If it’s a credit limit or balance issue, you can use your card to buy a gift card from Amazon and send it to yourself. Go to the e-gift card page, select the amount, add your email address and send the card to yourself. You can also use the Amazon Reload ability to add a balance directly to your gift card balance.

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