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Carrying cash or even settling payments immediately has become quite obsolete concepts these days. Even if we don’t have enough money with us, we can buy whatever we want and pay for it as we see fit. This feature has been widely promoted by the popular online payment application MobiKwik. It is India’s largest buy it now, pay later (BNPL) company backed by its flagship product Zip. With Pay Later, you can buy whatever you want, when you need it, and then pay later. Besides this main function, MobiKwik Zip payment method has made life of a user easier in other ways, improving cashless payments for digital India to come.

What is MobiKwik Zip?

Today’s urban era knows the MobiKwik brand. It is the fastest growing online payment platform in the country. With over 100 million active users, the app has revolutionized digital money transactions. It serves as an effective and efficient facilitator for online payments and is the most useful indigenous fintech brand that has propagated the concept of digital transactions. Besides being a simple electronic wallet, MobiKwik also offers services such as payment gateway, wealth management including mutual funds and digital gold; loans, gift cards and more!

An online credit card concept has been around for a very long time, but MobiKwik has changed it and turned it into an advanced technology finance feature. Zip by MobiKwik is a special service that acts like an online credit card that reduces unnecessary hassle with money matters and payment situations. You don’t need to have cash or credit card with you on the go and you can just pay any bill with the Zip function. The amount is deducted from your Zip balance and you can settle the credit amount later. The limits of this virtual credit card can be extended as you make more transactions, which is not applicable for physical credit cards. The whole processing and transaction procedure takes place in the blink of an eye. Now you can enjoy smart payments anywhere, anytime.

Buy now, pay later!

It seems really amazing how much MobiKwik Zip has allowed you to settle your payments later. Those who are already active users of the app are well aware of its benefits, and others should download and register for the app now. It truly is a time-saving mobile payment getaway!

Some of the cool features that allow you to pay later using the Zip feature are:

  1. Instant Credit: With the MobiKwik Zip feature, you will always have money at hand and can access it anytime. Users get a credit limit of up to Rs 30,000 which means they no longer have to worry about carrying piles of cash or piles of credit cards everywhere with you. Your digital wallet will be full of the allocated amount of money. Your safety can also be guaranteed, as these functions are online and can be performed through a simple smartphone which is still with us today.
  2. Spread of Zip Function: MobiKwik Zip being a fast and cost effective solution to all things money, has found a stable market among many malls, stores, stores, even roadside stalls. Businessmen and traders across India have accepted and spread the Zip function further – from your local grocery store to your living room, stationery, restaurants and more. everyone has embraced this technology-friendly payment method. Therefore, you can use it whenever and wherever you need it.
  3. Convenient Refund Options: MobiKwik allows easy refund features to keep your digital wallet full, and your Zip credit is settled regularly. It’s an easy-to-understand method that allows customers to use the remaining unused amount when and if needed. The bill generated to spend this money is twice a month – once on 1st and the other on the 16the. There are therefore two clear divisions between the money to be repaid. It is divided into two parts to facilitate calculations. Money spent between the 16e to 30e or 31st of the month is recorded on the invoice generated on the 1stst and for the one passed between 1st and 15e, the invoice is generated on the 16the. So you can always keep track of how much you spend each month, and there is no confusion about how much to use or to repay.
  1. No-Fee Credit Cards: While a physical credit card charges for credit facilities, the Zip virtual credit card does not follow the same. Your credit via MobiKwik Zip is completely credit free if the invoice is paid on time.

Therefore, MobiKwik Zip conceived the concept of buy now, pay later and brought it to life. You can now opt for the app and sign up for it to enjoy all these great user-friendly features. This worth the pain!

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