At Rochester Drug Dealer Doud Trial Day 3 Jessica Pompeo cried after meeting Larry but why?

At Rochester Drug Dealer Doud Trial Day 3 Jessica Pompeo cried after meeting Larry but why?

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SDNY COURTHOUSE, Jan. 20 – A major jury trial on opioids is set to begin Jan. 18 in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Inner City Press will cover the lawsuit.

Laurence F. Doud III, the former CEO of Rochester Drug Co-operative, was indicted in 2019 and the case has been assigned to District Judge George B. Daniels, while he will preside over the trial.

On January 16, two days before jury selection, Doud’s attorney Robert C. Gottlieb wrote to Judge Daniels objecting to the admission of the testimony of Barbara Castro, an opioid addict.

Assistant US prosecutors Thomas Burnett, Nicolas Roos and Alexandra Rothman had indicated that they intended to call Castro “as early as Tuesday, January 18, 2022, in the afternoon”.

But day 1 took a long time. Downtown Press live tweetd he.

On Day 2, a witness who worked under Doud in the DRC cried on the stand. Inner City Press live-tweeted here
and lower.

Day 3 was coming to an end, with the same witness, with two POVs of a closed-door meeting between Larry Doud and Jessica Pompeo leading to the latter’s tears, but why? Tweeted live here:

Larry Doud at the defense table, leaning forward, listening to further questioning about particular pharmacies “enabled” by the Rochester Drug Co-operative.

AUSA: You see that email, where Larry Doud wrote, I don’t think it’s going to end well? Witness: Yes. AUSA: So this one is later. What is going on? Witness: We were wondering if we should cancel the order. But we did.

AUSA: And the GX 278? Witness; A red flag hanging over Stanton. But that was years later… In this other case, even after Julius Morton left, there were still red flags. Even after they were turned off, management turned them back on.

Witness: It was by Larry Doud, I was copied. He asked: Why does Jessica take so long to report? Of course, this seems like a slow process. AUSA: No further questions.

Defense recrosses: You said “upper management” was responsible, right? But wasn’t it Bill P? Witness: Not necessarily.

Judge Daniels: We have a witness from Rochester. You can take off your mask. Witness 2: I was the credit manager of RDC.

AUSA: What is a credit limit? Witness 2: The amount of credit we give them. AUSA: What is a credit suspension?

Witness 2: For example if they are late in payment. AUSA: Has Larry Doud ever asked you to lift them? Witness 2: Yes.

AUSA: Did you know Jessica Pompeo? Witness 2: Yes… Once, Larry came in and met her, then she came out with red eyes. She said Larry made her release a hold on an account. Defense: Is it illegal to remove a take? Witness: No.

Judge Daniel: Already, we are done for the day.

Day 2: Now there are tears on the witness stand, with Larry Doud directly accused of failing to report irregularities to the DEA

Assistant United States Attorney: While working in the compliance department, how many orders were flagged? Witness: A lot. AUSA: What is it? Witness: The DEA Month and Orders of Interest report, from 2012 to 2017. AUSA: Was anything reported? Witness: No.

AUSA: What did you write here? Witness: That there was a red flag, High cash for benzo. AUSA: Read from “man oh man”.

Witness: “All the new stores we install have problems.”

AUSA: That is to say? Witness: That we had seen red flags. AUSA: Read Julius Morton’s 1st paragraph.

Witness: One of the partners, Roman from a pharmacy in Yonkers, said that we at RDC pick up discards from Cardinal and other distributors. Witness: Doud said the DEA was relaxing its visits – Defence: Objection!

Judge: Ask her how she knows. AUSA: Madam, how do you know that? Witness: Larry told us. He wanted the accounts activated as soon as they passed our credit check.

AUSA: And that? Witness: It’s Larry Doud to me, it says “I don’t want to slow this down.” AUSA: No due diligence?

Witness: No, we were not looking at distribution data. AUSA: Did Dowd talk to you? Witness: Yes. He said turn them on for controlled substances.

AUSA: Listen to voicemail. “Larry walked into my office…I don’t want Larry to think I’m stubborn.”

AUSA: Is GX 502-T an exact transcription of your voicemail? Witness: Yes. AUSA: Do you know of a pharmacy called 59 Street in Brooklyn? Witness: Yes.

Defense: Can we have a sidebar? Judge Daniels: Uh… Defense: It will be brief. [Note: Now Doud is
sitting alone at the defense
table, looking at witness and
his lawyers conferring with
prosecutors and Judge Daniels
at the sidebar

back. AUSA: Was this pharmacy,
59th Street, turned on while
Larry Doud was at the company?
In 2016? Defense: Objection!
Let the witness answer. Judge:
Sustained. AUSA: OK, look at
this email. Witness: It’s
December 2016. Larry was

Petropinto… David Taylor,
previous vetted, oxy 30 mg.
Bay Ridge, family medicine,
high cash. 90% cash for South
Shore Pro Health. Lambrakis,
100% cash.

AUSA: And Carl
Anderson? Witness: We flagged

It’s 4:55 pm.
Judge Daniels excuses the
juror and tellst the witness
to step down. Defense lawyer
Gottlieb: Anything after March
2017 is not relevant. Allowing
it in creates a real due
process for us. We weren’t put
on notice.

Daniels: If I stole a car then
they discover it later, that’s
admissible.  It’s fair
game. Government? AUSA: She’ll
say she reported later because
Larry Doud wasn’t there saying
don’t report. We can brief it

Day 1: AUSA
accusing Team Doud of putting
the US on trial.

First US witness
against Doud is a former DEA
agent, now working in a 
different job in Virginia. “I
dealt with the registrants in
the field.”

Assistant US
Attorney: What did you do in
that role? Witness: I was the
chief. I went to industry
sponsored conferences

 AUSA: What
is Subsys? Witness: An opioid
spray for break-through pain.
AUSA: Fentanyl? Witness: 
Yes. It’s very
dangerous.  AUSA: What’s
this? Witness: A bottle of

What’s this? Witness: A chart
showing the supply chain… It
shows how the drug gets from
the manufacturer to the user.
Inner City Press

approaching 4:30 pm and Doud’s
lawyer’s cross continues
(still no user as Inner City
Press reported on yesterday)

Defense: Do you
agree that a distributor has
no way to know if a pharmacy’s
info is accurate & has
no  obligation to
investigate a prescription?

Defense confronts
witness with prior testimony,
then asks: Isn’t it the case
the distributors often use
outside consultants to conduct
investigations? Witness:

The case is US v.
Doud, 19-cr-285


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