7 tips to increase your card limit in April


the nubank It remains the digital bank of choice for Brazilians, and one of the reasons is that Credit card. The product has no annual fee, can be ordered through the app, and is accepted at millions of organizations that use the Mastercard brand.

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The problem is that many clients receive a file Credit limit Less than they would like to have. This is also the reason for the many complaints he has received Financial technology.

There are some very simple tricks that can help those who have a lower limit than they want on their Nubank card. These are situations that improve the relationship between the customer and the bank, and help to balance level And facilitate the release of more room for expenses. See what they are below.

7 Tips to Get a Higher Nubank Card Limit

  1. Frequent use of your credit card;
  2. Do not pay your bills late;
  3. If possible, pay before the due date;
  4. Set the invoice due date based on the day you receive your paycheck;
  5. Avoid paying the minimum amount of the invoice and activate the revolving credit;
  6. Update your monthly income in the app nubank Every time a change happens
  7. Don’t spend more than you can afford.

And above all: settle your debts in time so that they do not become negative. The dirty name of SPC and Serasa lowers the credit score and makes it difficult to reach more limits.

Loan without bank

The digital bank has a loan with good conditions for those who are in a complex financial situation. The repayment term can be up to 24 months, with a grace period of three months for the first installment.

Before concluding the transaction, the client can run a simulation on the Nubank application. Simply click on “Loans”, indicate the amount you want to request and how often you want to pay it back. After hiring, the value falls into the account financial technology In few hours.

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