Your first credit of up to € 300

Creditomas is a company that is in charge of offering mini personal loans of very fast processing, for which very little paperwork will be required. This type of loans can be very appreciated and very useful to help you solve and solve the economic needs that arise. Cré recommends that you do not make irresponsible use so that you can pay the debt in a timely manner. It is important to analyze your financial solvency before applying for the credit, in addition to checking if you can return the payment within the indicated period.

What makes them different?

What makes loans different is that you can choose both the amount and the term to repay the loan. This online loan can range from 50 euros to 900 euros and you can choose between 7 and 30 days . All this benefit will be achieved by filling out a simple registration form and by completing the loan application you will obtain no more than 5 minutes. You will receive the money directly to your account, after verifying the bank account, credit will make the deposit of your mini loan immediately.

This type of fast and efficient loans are very appreciated for the economic activity that is lived today, this is because its ease and flexibility to solve the economic problems that may be faced in the daily life, makes creditomas a tool very useful and that is available to all to avoid all the stress that the accumulation of debts can cause us.

Advantages to choose with

Requesting a loan from the credit company has several advantages that you must take into consideration when thinking about asking for a loan, as there are many points in favor in addition to the speed and efficiency of the company’s online service.

One of the main advantages that creditomas has to offer is that data protection is highly confidential. In case there is a default, the data will be included in the credit service at C / Albasanz, 16, 28037, Madrid and the Badexcug File, owned by Experian España SLU with address at Ombú, 3 1º planta, 28045, Madrid .

Main features of Creditomas

Main features of Creditomas

The data will be transferred to a solvency file so that the data can be consulted in the mentioned file in the terms clarified in the section of the document. At the moment of including the personal data that will be obtained due to the loan, as well as others generated by the current relationship or even those that have been obtained by telephone or electronic means in a file registered in the general registry for its use and treatment for the management, control, execution and maintenance of the contract.

The borrower, that is,, may use and exercise the rights of rectification, access, cancellation and opposition to mobile financial systems of the limited security that is located on Boulevard Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, s / n, Edificio Mile de Oro, Office 9, 29602, Marbella, or at the e-mail address: [email protected]

This to treat the data for the realization of communications and commercial, promotional and advertising activities through any intermediary or traditional, what would be by sending emails and messages through any system that includes SMS , etc. On the part of the lender that is it incorporates information on services and products marketed by the lender. In any case, you may oppose the sending of these commercial communications in case the borrower does not want it.

The borrower is the sole owner of their data that will be included in the aforementioned file to be given the use that this authorizes, in order that you can process this information to deliver the offers, information and advertising messages by any means of those mentioned above, referred to the promotions or specific products. This includes a customer loyalty program and services that each of these companies will offer in the sector in which they operate from general credit services to financial services, service improvement surveys, etc. In such case, the borrower could oppose this assignment and the corresponding sending of these commercial communications by sending an email to the company.

Another characteristic of to choose apart from data protection is that you can choose not only the amount you need but also the period in which you can cover it. Of course, all this within the margins established by, but which still represent a facility and flexibility with your way of paying the return for the company in a satisfactory manner in a timely manner.

Creditomas Requirements

Creditomas Requirements

The requirements that the company asks users are very few and nothing difficult to have, because the objective of is to make life much easier for the applicants, without having to ask too many requirements that can prevent them from complete the process. The requirements that requests are the following:

  • Be between 21 and 75 years old,
  • Be in possession of a valid DNI or NIE,
  • Have residence in Spain,
  • Own a mobile phone line,
  • Be the holder of a bank account and
  • Not appear in any register of debtors or debtors.

Interest rates with Creditomas

Whenever the loan is repaid within the agreed period, you will only have to make a refund of the amount you requested in the loan plus the interest or commissions that were agreed upon from the beginning. All the detail of said interests and commissions can be consulted according to the amount and the term in the tool can be found in the main page of the creditomas web

In the event that the return period agreed upon at the beginning is not fulfilled, the default interest that is explained in the general conditions of the company’s website would apply. If you had to send payment reminders, each of the reminders would have an additional cost of 7.5 euros.

0% interest if you are a new customer at Creditomas “welcome promotion”

If you are a new client, you can get a first credit of a lower amount, but you can get it without interest , commissions or paperwork, that is, you ask for 300 euros but you will only pay 300 euros. This becomes effective when you register as a new customer.

With more credit, you can get different credit options from 50 euros to 900 without problems.

You can ask for a loan with ASNEF in Creditomas

You can ask for a loan with ASNEF in Creditomas

In creditomas, you can request a credit with Asnef, as long as it is a punctual delinquency. The entity understands that it is easy to enter this list and study case by case.

How to apply for credits with Creditomas

To get a loan you need to follow three simple steps that will not take more than a few minutes:

  • Register: To apply for your loan, all you have to do is choose the amount, the return period and then fill in the simple form with your personal information that appears on the website of
  • The maximum amount you can request when processing your first mini-loan is € 300
  • The maximum term of repayment of the loan is 30 calendar days.
  • Identify yourself: To be able to give the answer chosen to your request in a few minutes, uses the most agile and secure verification tool that exists in the market.
  • Select your bank in which you want the transfer to be made and connect using your electronic banking and will be able to answer you without the need of any documentation or additional paperwork that only makes the process much slower.

Types of loans in Credit More

Getting the money you need to get out of an economic emergency was never so easy, because with all the steps are extremely fast and accessible to everyone. With just register and wait for the decision of the company to grant the loan or not, you can save yourself hours of queuing at the bank or with the lenders that even your response can take months to resolve. In, you will get the answer in a matter of 5 minutes or less.

Once your loan is approved by, you will receive an email and a confirmation SMS, and the company will transfer your money to you as soon as possible. In any case, recommends that you request only the amount of money that is absolutely necessary, to avoid complications when paying.

Making available and conditions of the loan

Once the decision made to make the loan or not by creditomas, will be made immediately the bank transfer for the amount that has been accepted, directly in the account that you have provided for creditomas to transfer the money in a single provision and the credit request is made satisfactorily. will grant the loan under the conditions and amounts indicated below:

The first loan that more credit will grant a new user will be for a minimum amount of 50 euros and a maximum of up to 300 euros . The following loans may be for a minimum amount of 50 euros, but may purchase up to a maximum of 900 euros.

The final amount that creditomas would approve for the granting of the loan will depend on the risk assessment that is assigned to the applicant by and everything will depend solely on said company.

Creditomas will reserve the right not to grant a loan to the applicant when there is another loan application previously made in another company and that the payment has not been made with another lender previously. Creditomas reserves the right not to grant another loan until the deadline for the return of the pending payment has expired, even if it had been made before the aforementioned deadline. The fact that the loan applicant has repaid a loan is not a guarantee that a future application will be accepted.

The lender also reserves the right to opt for a rejection of loan applications with the criterion of granting only one loan per home, this when it is considered that this or any other cause could represent a risk factor for credit.

The loan to be made can only be granted and made in euros. When accepting the request, creditomas will proceed to carry out the loan transfer that has been required, although the time at which the applicant will be able to dispose of the loan money in his bank account will depend on the hours and operation of the loans. Banks, on the other hand,, when returning the loan within the term, can not be negatively affected if the transfer made immediately reaches the applicant’s account due to causes beyond the company’s control, such as the operation and timetables of the the banking institutions.

Extensions and postponements of

Extensions and postponements of can be a flexible company when it is necessary, because, if difficult situations arise for which you can not cover the return in time and form previously agreed by the company and you, creditomas may tend your hand once more .

This means that in case the day of the loan has arrived and the borrower has not been able to collect the full amount to settle the debt with, the borrower may choose between getting his refund or request an extension of the term of the loan.

The extension period will be granted in a minimum of seven days, a standard of fourteen days or a maximum of thirty calendar days. Information on the amount that will result in the extension of the loan term will be found along with the general loan information, which may also be communicated to the borrower by sending the particular conditions. Once the extension period has ended, the borrower will have to make a bank transfer with the total loan directly requested to the bank account that the company has indicated when the agreement was agreed upon.

Penalty for non-payment and default of the quick loan

In the event that there is a default of payment caused by the loan that has granted, after the expiration of any amount that has been arranged under the loan, the two parties will freely agree that the company will remain expressly empowered to require the borrower to pay a penalty of 1.00% per day in addition to the amount paid and unpaid, this with a maximum limit of 200% on the principal, this without prejudice in other ways that have been expressly provided that could arise from the breach, such as the inclusion of the borrower’s data in credit and solvency files.

Therefore, creditomas recommends that you strictly request the amount of money needed to pay for the financial emergencies that are needed at the moment, to avoid future complications when you have to make the payment or return the amount that the creditors have provided to the user.

In case there is a delay, the borrower must assume the charges that will be added by to his debt for the payment reminders that have to be sent by the same company. The sending of each one of the reminders so that the borrower makes the return of satisfactory form will be of 7.50 euros that the borrower will have to cover also. The APR for the realization of the first loan is 0%. For loans that follow the APR, it will be calculated according to an amount and term that will be specified in the general terms and conditions when making the loan request with the loan company.


The loan applicant must make a loan request to through the web platform of mobile financial systems that is all applicants for a loan must meet certain requirements such as being a natural person, with permanent residence in Spain and who are over 21 years and under 75. The first loan will be made with a maximum amount of 300 euros and this will be without commissions or interests. For the next loan the interest will depend both on the amount and the duration of the loan that is intended to be obtained. The applicant of a loan will receive detailed and specific information on the specific conditions that creditomas will send him.

The repayment of the loan to creditomas will be made by means of a bank transfer directly to the account that the creditor creditors have indicated . In some cases, when the repayment of the loan has not proceeded within the foreseen term, creditomas can pass the debt to its recovery department, notifying directly to the borrower by means of SMS, email or by telephone. So that the borrower is aware that the debt has become more relevant.