Personal Loan Comparison

At the end of the month is the money shortage?

Just when there is still a month left at the end of the money, a personal loan could help over this financial drought. Your bank or employer will not know about your personal loan.

The private loan is usually not earmarked. The personal loan is therefore very well suited to the replacement of an expensive credit line (rescheduling) Many people want to buy from the borrowed money a trip or a new car. No problem if the credit rating is available.


Personal loan for self-employed or entrepreneurs

A personal loan is available for self-employed and freelancers for business and private purposes. In the case of banks, self-employed persons currently have correspondingly poor prospects of success for a loan. It looks better in the private funding by private investors. If you want to take out a loan from private to private in a credit marketplace, several investors offer small amounts until the desired loan amount is reached.

Personal loan for self-employed or entrepreneurs

How do I get a private loan?

At the loan platform, you create a free loan project. Investors use their credit profile to decide if and how much they want to invest in their loan projects.
Within a few days your loan request is fully funded.

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