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Using a payday loan direct lender at GreenTouch is becoming more common for individuals. If banking institutions tend to favor people with jobs, the unemployed can also claim a loan in Belgium. At the discrepancy of conventional personal loans, your record for an unemployed personal loan must be picky. Also, every detail will have to be taken into consideration to satisfy the agent in charge of taking stock of your unemployed loan application. The advice of a broker can tip the scales in your favor. Your request will reflect a mature reflection.

Firstly, it is essential to understand why it is so complicated to receive a loan as soon as one is unemployed. Without a job, you do not have a regular income and your risk profile is not desirable for most banks. Banking institutions are more willing to accept your application when they have guarantees that you will repay. nowadays, the banking institutions have very strict directives in the granting of the credits, in addition to the legal precautions (to be major and not to appear on the obscure list of the National Bank of Belgium).

To access a personal loan even if you are unemployed, the ideal is to provide a contribution of 10% of the amount you claim from the bank. But with the unemployment benefit that often does not exceed € 1,400, you are already struggling to get by with the rent and the daily expenses. To remedy this, opt for a personal loan with downstream, asking for the help of a co-borrower who will vouch for your credit. Of course, this computer specialist must fulfill the conditions imposed by the bank and will not be filed by the National Bank of Belgium.

Solutions for a bad credit

Solutions for a bad credit

If after having tried all the above solutions, do you still refuse your request? We recommend that you go with a broker or credit intermediary who can support and make your application even more scrupulous than it already was. In some cases, it is necessary to have the needs of a professional in this area. It can guide you to the best possible solutions for this type of financing. This will increase your chances of having your request.

Possible borrowing opportunities for the unemployed in Belgium In Belgium, you can take a bank loan even if you are unemployed. The chances of getting a loan for the unemployed are high for people who have fulfilled certain conditions. Possession of a personal contribution of the order of 10% of the amount requested facilitates your loan. If this is not your case, other alternatives are possible. When you own one or more real estate, you can opt for a mortgage. This one requires putting in the guarantee of your goods. You can thus receive an amount equivalent to the actual value of the pledged asset.

The credit for unemployed is, therefore, something that is not unthinkable. It is enough, to some extent, to think about it but especially to gather the most advantageous elements like those mentioned above, so as to finish seeing your unemployed credit granted. The most important is to control your ability to repay and borrow only the amount you really need.

To obtain credit for unemployed, it is also possible to apply to the Adie (Association for the Right to the Economic Initiative). This organization offers micro-credits, the amount of which can not exceed 3000 €. On the other hand, it is obligatory to motivate one’s efforts and one’s project, which must be part of a return to work perspective.

Being in a situation of having to take credit without payroll may not be obvious. It is extremely difficult to obtain a favorable response for granting credit in conventional banking institutions. However, there are solutions to obtain financing. Not having a payroll record does not mean not being denied credit.

Here’s another piece of advice: If you need to borrow money while you’re out of work, negotiate with your lender. If your negotiations fail, contact a broker or, failing that, a social worker. Give him the proof that the school did not accept your request. Communicate also the file which defines your situation of an unemployed person. Your employee will take the steps for you. He will be able to do what.