How to Apply for Credits and Loans

Caixa Ontinyent is a financial institution of great renown in Europe, providing services and products to its customers with many years of experience, wide popularity and great diversity of advantages and benefits. In Caixa Ontinyent you can find services such as: savings funds, insurance, loans and credits , cards, pension plans, sight accounts, guarantees, among others.

Advantages of choosing Caixa Ontinyent

One of the main attractions in this bank is the specific attention they provide to customers who come to the bank, whether they are companies, individuals or self-employed. Each of these clients has a variety of services specially created to cover their specific needs derived from their own nature. In addition, this bank is a provider of a wide variety of services, many more than you normally find in average banks, this will allow many of your customers enjoy the convenience of having all their financial services in one place.

The main characteristics of the Caixa Ontinyent loans

The loans available at Caixa Ontinyent are very varied and are available to meet the needs of three different types of clients: self-employed workers, companies and individuals.

Each one of them has loans adjusted to their measure, being very similar in some essential aspects, but maintaining a structure that can satisfy the particular needs of the client. Later we will discuss about the types of loans that you can find in Caixa Ontinyent, but first of all add that the company is committed to give you the loan that best suits you so that it will offer you all the possible support in its offices so that you can decide the loan that gives you the greatest benefits.

Types of loans in Caixa Ontinyent

As mentioned above, at Caixa Ontinyent you can find a variety of loans adapted to the needs of three different types of clients, in this way you can find advantages and disadvantages in each of these types of loans depending on your financial situation and your particular needs. of financing.

The types of loans that you can find in this bank are the following, according to the three categories of clients:

Loans for individuals Caixa Ontinyent

  • Mortgage loan: this type of loan allows private customers the ease of buying a house using a mortgage loan, they offer very flexible rates with which you can make the purchase of your new home with peace of mind, you can get more information by contacting your office more near Caixa Ontinyent.
  • Car loan: you can have immediate financing for your vehicle if you are a private customer, the Auto Crédito loan offered in this bank has a TIN of 5.50% for the first year and a 7.01% APR. After the second year, the option of automatically reducing the annual interest by 1.00% is established by linking the life insurance or automobile insurance that are commercialized by the same bank and in force on the day of the annual review. The commission for opening this type of loan is 2% (minimum 80 euros), has a commission for early cancellation of 1%, commission for deliveries to accounts of 1%. The monthly fee for the first year is € 77.40 and for the rest of the years € 79.98. The maximum amount of the loan amount is up to € 30,000 and you can return it within a period of up to 8 years by following the aforementioned terms.
  • Energy efficiency loan: this type of loan allows you to make improvements to your home to make it a more energy efficient place. You can also use it to make improvements in your trade or industry. The minimum amount of this loan is € 3,000 and the maximum amount of up to € 60,000. You can make the repayment of the loan in a maximum term of up to 10 years and has a 1% opening commission. The interests vary depending on the level of energy efficiency you get for your home. Varying from efficiency level A with a Fixed interest rate of 2.00% and APR of 2.39; and each one of the descendant levels raises the fixed interest rate by 50% until reaching level G with a fixed interest rate of 7.00% and an APR of 7.66%.
  • Consumer loan : The consumer loan allows you to have money to use it in whatever you want and when you need it. With this type of loan you can be offered financing of up to 100% on the things you need, it can be a new appliance or even a trip. You can get this loan in a very fast and comfortable way, and start paying it in installments once granted. You can obtain more information directly at the offices of Caixa Ontinyent.

Loans for Autonomous Caixa Ontinyent

Self-employed workers can also find financing options in this bank, among the options that are available are:

Energy efficiency loan : this loan allows self-employed workers to renovate their home or business to comply with current energy efficiency standards, start caring for the planet and save money and valuable resources. The type of commissions and interests that are offered in this loan as self-employed are practically the same as you can find in the option of individuals, depending on the level of efficiency that you get to arrive at your home will be the fixed interest and the APR. Starting at the best level of efficiency (A) with a 2.00 fixed interest rate and an APR of 2.39, and rising progressively as the levels fall until reaching a fixed interest rate of 7.00% and APR 7 , 66% for the last efficiency level (G). You can find the opening commission by 1%, the minimum amount of the loan being 3,000 € and the maximum of up to 60,000 €.

Loan consumption: also the self-employed can enjoy this type of loan to finance the things they need, for example, the computer equipment they need in their company, tools or furniture, etc. Or whatever whim they would like to have, this loan can help them get it.

Loan credit : this is a special type of loan for the self-employed, which offers characteristics depending on the needs and the particular case of each of the clients. The characteristics, such as the amount limit, may vary depending on the guarantees provided by the autonomous client. The repayment period normally does not exceed 12 months and has an option for renewal, the interest has a monthly settlement rate and the amortization is a single installment at the time of expiration. For more information about this type of flexible loan for the self-employed, you can visit the offices of Caixa Ontinyent.

Car loan : the car loan is an option for the self-employed with which they can get financing for their car with 5.50% TIN in the first year and 7.01% APR. After the 2nd year the option can be established to reduce the annual interest by 1% with the linking of life insurance or car insurance of Caixa Ontinyent. The opening fee is 2% (minimum 80 euros), commission for early cancellation of 1%, and basically the same conditions that they offer to individuals as well.

Loan interest rates Caixa Ontinyent

Loan interest rates Caixa Ontinyent

The loans in Caixa Ontinyent have very different characteristics, interest rates and different commissions for each one of them. As we explained in the previous point that exposes all types of loans available in this bank.

You can get some loans with interest rates that reach only 2.00%. Other types of loans may have higher interest rates, or some may have different interest rates depending on certain terms of the loan.

An example of this is the energy efficiency loan, in this type of loan the interest rate decreases or increases depending on the level of efficiency reached in the home, business or industry where you install the products you purchased with the loan to carry out the renovation of energy efficiency.

How to apply for loans

How to apply for Caixa Ontinyent loans


To apply for Caixa Ontinyent loans and credits it is necessary to go directly to your nearest bank office, once there the executives of Caixa Ontinyent will be responsible for explaining all the characteristics and details of the loans and other services offered in the bank .

At Caixa Ontinyent they have a great variety of loans that adapt to different clients and their needs, the executives of Caixa Ontinyent will help you choose the type of loan that works best for your particular case, each one of the loans offers different rates of interest and advantages, there is a wide variety of loans and some of them can perfectly adapt to your needs.

Customer service and online banking

Customer service and online banking Caixa Ontinyent

Caixa Ontinyent has full customer service by phone and email, you have access to consult everything related to your accounts, make suggestions, complaints and claims and the banking client portal by phone.

The telephone line is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and 24-hour service in case of loss or theft of a card.

You also have access to Online Banking using the new App for iOS and Android , in this app you can have access to all your banking operations, consult everything related to your account, and all the necessary information you can have at your fingertips at your fingertips. your mobile devices

You can also access the Internet band using your computer or laptop, in the bank you have access to account consultation, direct debit, transfer and transfer between accounts, purchase and sale of securities, balance inquiry and card movements, your correspondence per day, creation of a virtual card for online payments (VINI), mobile recharge, sending files, contributions, consultation of movements, profitability of their pension plans, and simulation of deposits.

Opinions about Caixa Ontinyent